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About the Customer

De Bijenkorf is dedicated to surprising its customers with exceptional products and focuses on inspiration and a premium experience. De Bijenkorf offers the highest standard of quality and always presents the latest trends, the most spectacular events and an outstanding premium service. The premium department store is a true exclusive shopping paradise, where you will find luxurious fashion and accessories, cosmetics, homeware, gifts and souvenirs. de Bijenkorf offers the world’s most exclusive brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Hermès and Gucci.

The Need

The customer approached SpurTree to provide a digital solution for the delivery of their magazines. In the past, physical printed magazines were published and mailed to each of their subscribers. This approach while being expensive, was a nightmare in getting the magazines out to the printers in time for every season (Summer Collection, Christmas Collection, Winter Collection etc). Most importantly, this approach was not measurable. The customer wanted a seamless experience, where in their customers would get the latest and greatest version of the magazine at any point of time. Additionally, they wanted ways that they could track and measure the number of times the magazine was read, which products were clicked more often and use this data to push additional promotions and better manage their inventories. Paramount to all the above use cases was to continue to maintain the high quality, perfection that over the years, they carefully manage to curate.

SpurTree’s Role:

To design a platform with back end content management system to drive the latest products, promotions, videos, etc. There was also a need to design a very sophisticated high end app on all platforms from the iPhone to Android including tablets.

The Challenges

  • Flexiblilty – Working with Marketing teams meant new ideas every single day. The creative geniuses at the customer location would come up with new designs and layouts that needed to be incorporated into the application. The need was to make every edition of the magazine make the user feel like they have opened up a brand new app.
  • Pixel Perfection – Add to the need to be completely dynamic UI theme, the customer had a task of upholding the high quality that they had come to be known for.
  • Dynamic HotSpots – The feature of GetTheLook was an important feature, where in the user can click on a large image (that had multiple models), and choose to get the look. Which meant on a large canvas of an image, there needed to be hotspots that were then linked to the product catalog. In a single click they can view the list of products that a model  (jacket, hat, shirt, shoes etc) is donning and add to their cart.
  • Image Sizes – Offline availability was an important aspect of the application. This meant, large amounts of data needed to be downloaded and synced into the app so that future launches will not require downloads of the images and a complete offline experience could be had.

SpurTree’s Solution

SpurTree provided a complete solution from a highly customizable administration panel, an iPad Application, an Android Application.

The challenge of the Get The Look feature was handled by building a sophisticated marking tool on the admin panel, that would allow the administrator to load a large image and mark specific pixels (X and Y coordinates) on the image as a hotspot. The challenge then continued to map these coordinates to the different sizes of screens. For instance the X and Y would translate differently for the image being shown full screen on an iPad to one shown on a Samsung Galaxy Phone.

SpurTree also built a comprehensive sync utility that would download the requisite images in the background. A custom JSON structure was created that would define every single element as configured by the administrator in the back end. This JSON would reference all the necessary assets. The sync utility would download by parsing the JSON for the asset links and store them in a structure format. This had to be done with the least amount of resistance for the user.

SpurTree’s team having the experience of building over 200+ mobile applications on multiple platforms and device formats allowed for a deep understanding of how to render these dynamic themes onto the mobile for varied sizes. The experience that the technical lead brought in to the engagement, ensured a clear understanding of the requirements, translation to technical specifications and then the final product.

SpurTree’s well equipped mobile lab of physical devices (Over 100+ models of mobile phones and tablets) available at the disposal of the team allowed for a thorough verification on actual devices rather than simulators.

The application was built for Native Android and Native iOS Platforms. The administration panel was built using Node.js, Angular.js, Bootstrap, MySQL Database and Mongo Database.

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