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InkyBee – Big Data & Machine Learning

The Client

Forth Metrics is a firm based in Edinburgh, Scotland and is focused on measuring all things digital


To build a product (Inkybee) for digital marketers, a big data SaaS tool

 The product

  • Inkybee is a tool to allow anyone running digital campaigns to discover the right influencers and manage the process of reaching out to them. It also tracks the performance of the campaign and reports on the impact that the influencers had on the overall effort.

SpurTree’s role

  • Dedicated 5 member team for the past 4 years involved in the complete design and development of the product
  • Most comprehensive search and analytics tool for publishers and PR agencies with machine learning built in to classify, cluster and recommend influencers
  • Machine learning using Spark mlib to differentiate between blogs and posts/articles, to recommend similar blogs/influencers, clustering of different blogs and classification of blogs as spam or not
  • Providing statistical based ranking for reach and effect based on published articles / blog posts
  • The product Combs through every single published article and blog post on the web to provide the final ranking
  • Pulls, indexes and categorizes data based on millions of incoming data
  • bbee automatically provides all of the key output data in a simple easy-to-read report on a weekly basis, or whenever you want it. It does not create work, it saves time and labour
  • Objective tangible metrics: bbee provides tangible results in relation to important business measures such as brand reach and engagement, lead and sales generation, and ultimately ROI. Results can be seen on an overall campaign basis or by individual blog


  • Environment: Java 1.6, Apache Spark, MySQL, Spring, Solr, Gradle, Eclipse, Git, Ubuntu
  • Tools: AWS Lambda, API Gateway, Kinesis, DynamoDB, Solr, Spark SQL, Spark Streaming, Spark MLlib, HBase, Hive, Nutch, Apache Kafka, Zookeeper, JPA, MySQL, Neo4J, Spring Boot, Spring REST, Spring Data JPA
  • API integrations: SEOmoz, Alexa, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Spinn3r, Superfeedr Pubsubhubub

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