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Internet of Things – Connected Car Platform

The Client

Connected Cars is a product from India’s leading 2 wheeler manufacturer which is an advanced Business-as-a-Service platform that helps you effectively leverage auto intelligence to improve business performance.

The Product

Connected Car Platform Solution

SpurTree’s role:

SpurTree worked on the entire product from inception to conceptualization along with the client to development and on board testing.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Vehicle Diagnostics allows you to track key metrics such as mileage, distance travelled, and engine performance. It relies on your vehicle’s On-board Diagnostics (OBD) port to collect and interpret data in real time.

Driver Behavior Monitoring

Driver Behavior Monitoring gives you the power to improve safety and security on a large scale. It deploys advanced algorithms to effectively study patterns behind overspeeding, harsh braking, and harsh cornering.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance is a Connected Cars service that periodically examines car health and provides you with relevant actionable data.

Geo-Fencing, Theft Control, Assisted Relationships and More!

Cognitive Learning – Used the IBM Watson IOT platform for on-board intelligence to increase the comfort of the driver where vehicles communicate with traffic hubs, satellites, applications, other cars, the home, office and all the points in between. Route optimization for fleets was achieved using the k means algorithm by dividing the area into clusters and each set of vehicles was allocated a certain cluster. Post optimization into clusters, each vehicle is allocated a route within the cluster by taking into account various parameters and heuristic techniques

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Internet of Things – Connected Car Platform