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BoardWorks – Xamarin Mobile and Web Development

The Client

Computershare is a global entity with presence in over 20+ countries and primarily provides stock registration and transfer services to companies listed on stock markets, but also offers technology services for stock exchanges, investor services for shareholders and employee share plan management. They have over 16,000 employees globally and over 16,000 clients.

The Need

Computershare acquired Datacare Software Group in 2007 for it’s governance related software products, GEMS and Boardworks. While they initially tried to enhance and continue to develop the product internally, they decided to outsource it to SpurTree over a period of time.  The primary need was to modernize the product and build out mobile versions of the product on the iPad, Windows Surface and Android tablets for use while on the move.

SpurTree has a 15 member dedicated team for the past 5 years and continue to develop new features and maintain the entire product suite for Boardworks. This includes 4 different streams, viz. iPad, Windows Surface, Android tablets and the web portal.

The Product

BoardWorks board portal is a digitized, secure communication and collaboration tool created to help directors and administrators transform the way they share board materials.

With the need for confidentiality and data protection growing each year, board portals are becoming the standard solution in solving many challenges for administrators and directors. Here’s how our board portal solution, BoardWorks, can help your organization overcome challenges by offering:

The mobile application was built using Xamarin technologies. Xamarin was chosen as it gave us the ability to build a single code base multiple platform approach. Also the ability to provide a near native UI experience with no limitations to features such as offline capabilities, data sync processes was much needed. Xamarin provided a set of enterprise tools for distribution, testing and verification that ensured an enterprise quality product was delivered into the hands of CxOs across the world.

Advanced Features

  • Surveys, voting, e-signatures and advanced search functionality
  • Multi-board capabilities
  • Drag and drop board book creation

Simplified Processes

  • Optimizing time
  • Increased accessibility to company information
  • Custom training and support

Improved Governance

  • Instant access to information
  • Enhance meeting preparation
  • Improve productivity

Modernized Communication:

  • Digital way to communicate
  • Improved board member engagement
  • Going beyond the board book

Increased Security

  • Share information securely
  • Permission control
  • Lower discoverability risk

Cost Savings Alternatives:

  • Cost analysis for current practices
  • Incentivized pricing structure
  • Data migration services

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