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Automobile Clienteling Application

About the Customer

The customer is a premium luxury automobile company with over 40 outlets across 35 states in India.

The Need

Customers walk into showrooms on a daily basis. Keeping track of genuine customers and providing the right information at the right time is the paramount difference between closing a sale vs the customer walking out to the competitors outlet.  Clienteling is a technique used by retail sales associates to establish long-term relationships with key customers based on data about their preferences, behaviors and purchases. Clienteling is intended to guide associates to provide more personal and informed customer service that may influence customer behavior related to shopping frequency, lift in average transaction value, and other retail key performance indicators.

The need for the customer was
  • Easy and Quick way to capture walk in customer’s information
  • Know more about a customer when they walk in – such as previous visits, what vehicles they were interested in
  • Answers to all technical questions about the products being sold at the finger tips of the sales associates
  • Key comparisons with competitor products to aid the sales associates countering customer queries
  • Training, Company news and the DNA of the organization to flow down to every single sales personnel across the nation.

SpurTree’s Solution

SpurTree provided a complete solution from a highly customizable administration panel, an iPad Application, an Android Application.

Features of the administration panel included

  • Ability to manage the entire catalog of products, specifications and image galleries
  • Ability to manage news and updates
  • Ability to manage the entire technical know how in the manner of key value pairs
  • Ability to store lead information entered into the app
  • Ability to integrate with 3rd party CRM solutions to pass on the captured leads for further tracking purposes

The mobile App was built using Native Android and Native iOS. The primary reason for using the native platforms was to achieve a high end looking product as this was a premium brand and the need for a perfect looking application outweighed the cost savings from a hybrid solution.

The Native apps included

  • Syncing of the entire product catalog (for offline capability)
  • Quick search for technical keywords and solutions
  • Quick ability to add a customer lead, send out emails with the brochures as requested.
  • The argumentator feature that compared a product with the competition equivalent in order to answer the customer on any comparison question and why our product is better than the competitors from a value and feature representation.

SpurTree’s team having the experience of building over 200+ mobile applications on multiple platforms and device formats allowed for a deep understanding of how to render these dynamic themes onto the mobile for varied sizes. The experience that the technical lead brought in to the engagement, ensured a clear understanding of the requirements, translation to technical specifications and then the final product.

SpurTree’s well equipped mobile lab of physical devices (Over 100+ models of mobile phones and tablets) available at the disposal of the team allowed for a thorough verification on actual devices rather than simulators.

The application was built for Native Android and Native iOS Platforms. The administration panel was built using Microsoft .Net framework, Entity Framework and MS SQL hosted on Azure Cloud Infrastructure.

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